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Seasonal Holidays are the best for cooking old favorite recipes, to trying new ones.

I have added a few of my favorite videos to show how easy it is to create a recipe or decorate a table for the right occasion.

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This was such a fun season for making old fashioned sugar eggs to eatable birds' nests for the table decor. I took things I already had in my house and transformed them into a nice table centerpiece. Decorating a table for any holiday is so important, it sets the mood for your guests as well as family members.

The sugar eggs are always a great hit and are wonderful gifts for close friends.

easter eggs.jpg

I was asked to make a fun spider cheese ball for a Halloween party. This was a great treat and fun to make. It did allow for my creativity to shine through and have the guests at the party see that you can make funny things out of dough.

hedgehog party.jpg

Decorating pumpkins for the kitchen counter bar area was so much fun. The homemade caramel apples were a treat I gave to my neighbors.

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Christmas time is for making anything homemade. I started with Eggnog and worked my way to my recipe of Divinity and the wonderful Swedish Spritz Cookies. 

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It isn't Christmas without my Divinity and Swedish Spritz Cookies. I make Holiday Fuge and a wonderful Fruitcake at the holiday's. Homemade food is such a welcome gift we give to ourselves and others. So go bake up some special recipes that you have.

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Valentine's Day this year I got creative in making fortune cookies. I had several that were bright red and the sayings inside the cookie were fun to add to each cookie.

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St. Patrick's Day is a fun time to decorate your table and make the traditional recipes we all like. The luck of the Irish sure comes through when you make the easy recipe of Irish Soda Bread.

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Christmas Ham with a half turkey breast, is just what this holiday dinner needed. I cooked a regular ham and glazed it with a cherry sauce and fresh pineapple. The side meat of turkey adds a festive taste. I had lots of left overs and made a nice ham and potato casserole, along with a ham and potato soup.

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