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Planting Fruit Trees

So you have thought about planting a fruit tree. Great, they are so easy to plant and take care of.

I have three peach trees, four Bing cherry trees, one plum, one pair and two apple trees.

Planting them was the easy part. Gave them a lot of water and then I sat back to watch them grow. For me, my trees were young when I planted them. Most of them took three years until I finally saw fruit.

Planting the grapes, raspberries, black berries and blueberries gave me several choices in fruit.

peaches clipart.jpg

My peach trees

peach tree one.jpg

My trees are producing fruit this year in abundance. Beautiful nice fuzzy peaches hang from the trees branches. I have collected several now. I have made several batches of peach salsa and canned peaches for the year.

peachtree two.jpg
peach salsa_edited.jpg

So I planted four green grape plants next to a white pergola. Then I added two more plants. On the other side of the pergola I planted the dark grapes. I waited one full year and by the next year I had several grape vines growing with grapes dripping from the branches.

It's like the saying goes, "If you have lemons you make lemonade". If you have grapes. you make jam.

grapes on arbor.jpg

My Grapes

grapes image.jpg
box of grapes.jpg
my darker grapes.jpg
good vining grapes.jpg

My Plum Tree

fruit boarder.jpg
grape jam.jpg
dark grapes_edited.jpg

My Apple Tree

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