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Chocolate Cake


Let's talk cakes. There are tons of wonderful recipes for any style or flavor of a cake. Homemade is what I only show on my videos.

Starting with a few simple ingredients, you then begin to create a masterpiece and you hadn't even thought about it that way.

I prefer a cake over a pie, however there are few favorite pies I never pass up. 

From special occasion cakes to holiday ones, you are sure to find something on my website that you want to try.

Chocolate Cheese Cake

choc cheese cake.jpg

Christmas Belle Cake

Sometimes you just have to go back in time. This Christmas I did just that in making this old recipe from a newspaper. The Swans Down cake flour is a regular item I keep in my food pantry. This cake filling using the candied fruit add for a wonderful flavor as well as color. You can decorate the top anyway you with.

christmas bell cake.jpg
filling ofr xmas cake.jpg
swans down cake.jpg
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