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Farmer's Market

Farmer's Markets are a great food source. Just going from one stand to the next is not only fun, but a real treat you are giving yourself. I like to take a Saturday morning and go marketing. Finding fruits or vegetables that are grown right near where I live. Hand picked and ready to be sold.

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Fresh Picked Vegetables

I like to pick the reddest tomatoes I can find for my recipes. These were used for making my peach salsa this year. I also was able to can 4 pint jars from the remaining tomatoes.

The nice large bell peppers are added to the salsa recipe and I picked several sweet yellow onions.

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A Gourd or Two

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Melons are a must at farm stands. They too are picked right from the fields and are fresh and ready for your table.

I watched farm tractor after another with trailers filled with large cardboard boxes filled to the top with melons, drive on by me ready to be unloaded at the farm market stand from the fields.

I usually take at least one of each.

The cantaloupe was so delicious, I should of got two.

FM cataloupe.jpg


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Peaches very in price and like everything else have gone up this year. I always buy my peaches from, Clark's Farm Market. They have the best ones and the best prices per flat box. This year I was able to get the really ripe ones for my salsa. Easy and quick to peel as I move right along in making my peach salsa recipe.

I was able to get 15 jars this years. So excite to try the salsa on a good crunchy chip.

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Farmers Market

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Fruit Stands that I go to:

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