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Gadgets for the kitchen 
vintage clipart 4.jpg

Most all of the gadgets you will find on Amazon and I have linked them so that you just click on the name and go straight to and the page will show that particular item.

I may add Ebay and Walmart as not everything is on Amazon. These are a few of my favorite ones:

rolling pins.jpg
pot cooking.jpg

Love having helpers in my kitchen. These fun labels are great for any plastic or glass container. Print is really easy to read.

miracle thaw.jpg

A must have in any kitchen, is the miracle thaw board. Just set any package of frozen meat still in the packaging container onto the board and in no time at all your meat will thaw out and be ready to use.


Wonderful pans for cakes. No need for parchment paper as the slider arm does all the work.

If you like Vintage, you will like these utensils. 

vin utensils.jpg
cake pan.jpg

Wood bamboo salt and pepper holder is a fast and easy item to have handy near your stove area.

The Pot Watcher has been with me for many years. This handy little glass disk is used in any pot of liquid. Just set it in the bottom of a pot full of water (like boiling potatoes) and the pot won't spill over with all the liquid.

pot watcher.jpg
salt and pepper.jpg

This glass vintage salt container is great for storing regular salt or sea salt. You will find it very useful near your stove for quick recipes of using only salt. I use mine a lot for recipes when I'm not at my stove and still need to add salt to a recipe.

salt jar.jpg

These ball whisks are great to have for stirring gravy or any sauces. They clean up easier than a regular whisk.

ball whisk.jpg

The Ball Automatic Jam Maker is a must by.

I purchased mine years ago and have used it like crazy. Wonderful helper in the kitchen.

jam maker.jpeg
jam jar.jpg

Canning sullies start with jars, a good funnel, ladle car holder and the right pectin. Stand sieves are great for straining and allowing your mixture to be smooth. Start collecting canning jars and begin your adventure in canning. It's really not that hard.

canning supplies.jpg
wire grater.jpg

This Vintage style hand grater is fantastic for grating butter over a bowl. I use mine when I make my homemade buttery biscuits.

copper chef pan.jpg

Copper Chef Pan and Burner

Watch my video where I cooked a fried chicken and you will see how this machine works.

copper chef burner.jpg
strawberry Cutter 1.jpg

This Strawberry Cutter is so handy. I use mine so often. Takes all the work out of cutting a strawberry with a knife.

strawberry cutter.jpg

Thyme and Table Cutting board. Nice board for all kinds of cooking prep work.

my cutting board.jpeg
jamie oliver hand grater.jpg
nordicware cookie sheets.jpg
presto electric coffee maker.jpg
fall spatula.jpg

Fall Sheffield Spatula


Turkey Cookie Cutter

This is a great set to have or give as a gift. The bamboo handle is strong and sturdy. What I like most about the spatula is that when you turn it over the back side has measurements printed on it. Cups, Ounces, Tablespoons and Teaspoons. Great Fall idea and the turkey cookie cutter is a must have.

anchor hocking pan 13x9.jpg
butlers food coloring.jpg

This food coloring is a must have in your pantry. It is a darker richer red coloring than the usual ones you get in your local grocery store. Great for the hummingbird feeders.

Great cookware and another must have in any kitchen. These beautiful Laurel Embossed Rosewater glass baking dishes are wonderful. The bubbled glass bottom edges are great for support in holding the dish and not having it slip out of your hands. The 13x9 pan I have linked differently as I could not find it on Amazon, but you still can purchase the pan threw the link I have for that size of pan.

anchor hocking pan.jpg
spanek virtical roaster stands.jpg

This heavy duty roasting pan I have used several times. I like the removable rack and the pan and rack are coated so there is no sticking of foods. 

First time I used these vertical stands I was hooked. It makes the chicken or turkey so moist and delicious.

cuisinart roaster pan.jpg
food dehydrator.jpg

This 5 tray Dehydrator is perfect for drying Jerky or any fruit and vegetables. I used this one when making my Beef and Deer Jerky.

me dehydrator.jpg
pumpkin dutch pan.jpeg

So this was my Fall gift I gave to myself. It is a nice cast iron pan well worth the cost.

3 pampered chef meatball scoops.jpg

Set of three cookie scoop spoons, by Pampered Chef. I use mine for all sorts of baking needs.

It's so much fun and festive to get out silly little kitchen items to help in making a holiday recipe. These Gingerbread Measuring Spoons and Reindeer Measuring Cups are just one of my Christmas joys I gave to myself.

me at xmas gingerbread boys.jpg
gingerbread boys measuring spoons.jpg

Gingerbread Measuring Spoons


Reindeer Measuring Cups

reindeer measuring cups.jpg

Take the lifestyle change and start it by using a juicer to a better way of eaten. I use the Power XL juicer, which I purchased at Sam's Club, but this one is pretty much the same machine. Juice up your favorite drinks and watch the weight roll off, plus get back that energy you lost. These machines are great.

me juicer.jpg
vintage apron.jpg


Check out these beautifully created Aprons. Handmade by CoolStitch.

You can find her creations at coolstitchgj

on FaceBook.

These handmade aprons are a true work of art. She makes other things, but I have a few of her aprons now and I really like them. The best thing is that the aprons are reversable with another material pattern so you can change them often to suit your mood.

heart apron - Copy.jpg
air fryer1.jpg

Doesn't matter which style air fryer you get, just get one. Ha! I have both of these and like them for different cooking recipes. One has the drawer, and one has the racks for cooking multiple food items.

The one with the two racks also has a roaster Rotisserie, which is great for chicken, Rock Cornish Game Hens, or a small roast.

windmill mold.jpg

So much fun to make these cookies. This cookie was a favorite for not only myself, but my Mom.  

I can recall enjoying this cookie with her when I was a young girl. Then as time went on it still remained my favorite as I would dip it into my afternoon cup of coffee. A real treat.

Dutch windmill cookies.jpg

Here we go again with another must have in your kitchen. Try an Instant Pot for fast cooking. Any size any brand name. This is the one I purchased, and I have made several yummy recipes using it. Easy and fast when it comes to making a meal or a fun dessert. You can place frozen meat in them, and it still comes out great. 

Ordering the accessories for my Instant Pot was like having a helping hand in the kitchen.

otis the dog.jpg

Otis, the dog Instant Pot steam release

This cute little kitchen helper is great for any Instant pot. Instead of the steam pouring out of your release knob straight up, this dog will release the stream out both of his ears. Not only cute, but efficient too.

instant pot image.jpeg
me at instant pot.jpg
silicone lids.jpg
silicone lid 1.jpg
my lids.jpg
real fire clipart.png
cast iron large dutch oven.jpg

Cast Iron Heaven

There is really nothing better than cooking with cast iron. The open campfire cooking is the way to go, so I am posting a few links to get you started on your way to collecting the essentials. Get creative and find true treasures to get everyone at the campsite laughing.

me cooking at campfire.jpg
fish hot pads.jpg

New Iron
Old fashioned Seasoned Iron

cast iron skillet.jpg
lide lifter.jpg

First time I used this lid lifter, I was hooked. This comes in so handy for lifting off the hot cast iron lids to any pot or skillet.

I'm showing these griddles, however I have found some pretty nice ones just in Thrift Shops. Hunt around for the best one you think you will like, it's all about your choice in cooking supplies. Brand new or needing a good wash up, you can't go wrong with cast iron.

When it comes to campfire cooking, shop around. Most of my cookware I have found at Vintage Antique shops, Thrift Stores or Yard sales. The bigger the better when cooking on the outdoor grates. Use long handled utensils, to not burn yourself. There are tons of great outdoor cooking items, so again just start looking around and collecting.

coffee maker campfire.jpg
steel wool.jpg

Don't forget a package of steel wool for easy clean up on cast iron cookware.

Any campfire grate will do, start with an easy one and work your way up to larger ones, if you have a lot of people to feed. In my campfire videos I show this one that I use all the time. I like it as I can hang my lid holder or cast-iron lids on the side holders. It is adjustable for the heights I need, either right down close in the fire or above the coals. I can even roast a chicken or venison meat.

I have a vintage turquoise colored coffee pot, but I may order this one too.

campfire grittles.jpg
pic of my grate.jpg

Please watch my video showing how to clean and season all your cast iron cooking pans. Easy methods to the old-fashioned ones. A good scouring pad, salt and hot water. For rust, I use equal amounts of salt, baking soda and vinegar. Scrub, scrub and more scrubbing, but the end result will have you pleased and ready to start using any cast iron cookware.

cast iron hot pan clipart.jpg

4 Steps
to clean and season any cast iron...

nordic ware pumpkin harvest loaf pan.webp

Grocery Bags with style


These accordion grocery cart bags are great for shopping and organizing your food and grocery items. There is a cooler bag for meats and cold items. Easy to use, washable and holds a ton of things you place in a cart.

green pan slow cooker.jpg

This was a treat I gave myself. Why? Because I had a major surgery and bending down to get pots and pans was not an option. This nice addition to my kitchen sits on the counter and I have been using it everyday. Easy to use and clean.

The slow cooker is fabulous, I have never had a slow cooker that cooks the meat so tender every time. 

Another handy item in your kitchen to have, This cute little egg shaped cutie takes the guessing out of when the egg is cooked to hard boiled stage. So easy to use, once the red disappears the eggs are done.

zip lock bag holder.jpg

Where have these been all my life? LOL These are great as a helping hand. Gravy, sauces or anything you pour into a zip lock bag can now be added to the bag, with out spills.

Great little helper when you are ready to make a cherry pie. It does all the work for you. Easy to use. 

cherry pitter.jpg
slushies kitchenaid.jpg
kitchenaid slushie attachment.jpg
my slushie.jpg
slushies kitchenaid.jpg

Cold and refreshing slushie anytime of the year. Try this attachment on your kitchen aid mixer, you won't be disappointed.

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