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Preparing Dough
Delicious Cookies


Baking anything is so rewarding. I learned to cook just watching my mother when I was a young girl. There were times I wanted to jump right in and just make the recipe, but I was learning from just watching her. The way she measured to the way she placed a recipe onto a cookie sheet or baking pan, I was all eyes in making sure I didn't miss a thing. Everyone has their own way and style of cooking, but baking is a true art at times. It takes patience and the love for cooking to make a recipe special. 

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Not your ordinary oatmeal cookie. These are a raised cookie filled with homemade goodness. This is my grandmother's recipe and one that I use all the time.

In making these cookies it always has me going down memory lane when my mother taught me how to make these. A very long time ago, yet I have not forgotten how. Lots of laughter in the kitchen making these and eating the batter is just as good as biting into a cooked cookie. Hope you try them. I have provided this recipe on my website, and now you can order one of my Cooking with Carol Dianne Cookbooks and open the page to this recipe right at your fingertips. Yummy

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I have to admit that my grandmother's recipe for the Famous Oatmeal Cookies, in our family is the best. The original recipe called for lard, but as the years rolled on somehow that was changed to the current recipe it is today.  

pudding choc chip cookies.jpg

When I found this recipe, I couldn't believe how good they are. Most of the time I add the walnuts, however they are just as yummy without them. A real easy cookie recipe that melts in your mouth. I can't keep enough of these cookies in the house. Every time I make them they are gone (missing) from the cookie container. Makes me happy they are so well liked.

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It's just not Christmas without my mother's recipe of the Swedish Sprtiz Cookies. Cut out with a Christmas cookie cutter or the original cookie press, these are a real buttery treat to make.

making xmas cookies.jpg

Making the true cut out Gingerbread boy cookies says Christmas right off the bat. I have made a hundred of these boys over the years.

top gingerbread.jpg
gingerbread cutter.png

Oh my, these cookies are so yummy. They have a true taste of pumpkin, because they are made with pumpkin. Frosted and ready to serve to any guest, or just yourself. I made this last year at the beginning of Fall. I will make them every year, they are that good.

pumpkin cookies.jpg
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These cookies are a great treat and a special way to show your sweetheart you care. Quick and easy. Add your own personal messages inside each cookie. What a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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When I was about 12 years old, I can remember my mother buying these cookies at the grocery store. I liked them back then and I like them still, only I like the homemade kind so much better. Still with all the great spices, but you can make them easily with the windmill press.

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I'm showing a couple of different styles of cookies, but they are made with the same recipe. I just changed the Jell-O flavoring. These cookies are so good. Easy to make and all you need is a small box of Jell-O. Yep, adding any flavor of Jell-O to this recipe you then create a wonderful, sweet cookie you can use anytime of the year.

The shamrock cookie cutter was great for St, Patrick's Day. I used a Spring flower and then a rabbit cookie cutter for Easter.

You can't eat just one, they are that addictive. 

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