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About the Cook

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado has allowed me to have many different areas of cooking ideas. I started cooking at an early age. Watching my mother and Grandmother's cook in the kitchen was a great way for me to become the cook I am today.

Over the years I have perfected my baking to add not only flavor, but presentation. Vintage is a way of life for me, so you will see that I use several different "Vintage" baking pans, utensils to cookware in my kitchen.

Making cooking videos was something I never thought I would do. Sharing secret recipes was hard at first, but I see now that it is my way of passing down the family recipes for all to enjoy.

When I was about 9 years old, I can remember my mother in the kitchen showing me how to make all the favorite recipes that were passed down throughout our family. Oatmeal cookies were one of them, Not, just any Oatmeal cookie, but one recipe that came from my grandmother, then handed down to my mother and now to me. It's pictured here to show it isn't a flat cookie, but more of a raised one and filled with a yummy taste that you can't eat just one.

In watching my video's, which I have linked so that you can see them on YouTube, however I am on Facebook too. You can order my new cookbook and try all the recipes I have made on the videos. I am very happy that you watch me and very grateful you like to keep coming back to my cooking videos to see what else I am up to in my Colorado kitchen. From my kitchen to yours, please enjoy every area of my website.


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