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Sunset Dinner


Dinnertime should be a time for family to gather at the dining room table for good food and conversation. The meal should be presented so that everyone that looks on is eager to dig right in at the meal you have prepared. I raised my family in a way that meant something special when it came to the evening's dinner. Everyone was to sit at the dining room table (not in the living room) and eat together as a family. Hats wear to be taken off and manners were to be observed.

There was laughter and funny things that were always said during mealtime. It was a time to talk about your day and everything that happened or didn't happen. 

Today in the fast-paced world we all live in, I wish people would return to the dinner table to enjoy good recipes, but most of all each other.

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Minute steaks, which are ground meat tenderized to make a Swiss steak. This is a favorite of mine for dinner, along with a nice casserole dish of scalloped potatoes. This is a fast and easy dinner. The stewed tomatoes are what makes the Swiss steak so flavorful, watch my video to see how easy this is.

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My dinner for one, was a treat. I started with a nice Cream Corn Casserole, Then I made homemade French fries and finally the ribeye steak. Yummy

Catfish at a whole new level of cooking. Air Fryers are great, and they are fast. No fats, grease or oil to make dinner unpleasant. I used this air fryer to make a simple dinner of catfish, and a medley of vegetables. Then I made a small bowl of homemade tartar sauce. Dinner for one could not have been easier.

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Making this roasted chicken was such fun. I used fresh Rosemary right out of my garden greenhouse. The smell after i took it out of the oven filled my kitchen with savory aromas, I couldn't wait to taste the chicken. Adding the Russet potatoes on the side was just enough for this dinner. I'll be making this recipe again.

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