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Table setting throughout the year...

Setting a table for the perfect Holiday

Let's begin with setting a table for a holiday event. Anytime of the year, you can add your creativity for a theme for whatever holiday season it is. I will be adding to this area every time I set a table to show how easy it is to place things on a dining room table for your guests to say, wow and then sit down and enjoy the meal you have prepared. So, sit back and enjoy my table setting ideas.

Just click onto the underlined title link and watch my video on YouTube.

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Over the years I have added several different Easter variations for setting a nice table for my family or guests to enjoy. Using items, I already had to adding a few new that make a difference to any holiday event. Easter is one of my favorite times to decorate my table anyway I want. Mix and match to get that perfect effect.

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It's nice to start with a theme idea and St. Patrick's Day has the theme of Leprechauns, shamrocks and pots of gold. Using any one of these areas is sure to make for a fun table setting. I used a variety of colors of green to capture my festive areas. Finding treasures in thrift stores, discount shops and antique stores, I was able to put together this creative table setting for the family to sit and delight in the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner.

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Thanksgiving table setting for

Setting a pretty table is not hard. Get out some of your favorite items. If you have themed China dishes and want to show them off, great. Mix and match all the wonderful fall colors. Autumn is a time to gather, so start collecting things for your table. From pinecones, acorns, pumpkins and fruit. A great harvest is adding your bountiful arrangements. 

This year I went with beautiful gold pheasants. I add fruit and warm it all up with chocolate brown and gold colors. The deep brick colored fruit and berries napkin holders added just the right accent color to my table. I hope you enjoy watching my video and get started in setting a great table for family and friends.

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Setting the table for Easter 2023

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This year, 2023 I have gone very simple and yet very pretty. I began with adding a silver bunny on a tiered stand. Then I surrounded the centerpiece with my homemade sugar eggs and wooden colored eggs with sayings on them. Each egg has the words, peace, love, faith, hope, joy written into the egg. My sugar eggs this year went to four different lady friends that I go to lunch with every month. The chicken sugar egg is for me to accent my rooster themed kitchen. Lots of fun to make and enjoy throughout the years.

I took baby blue bunny place cards and set them at each place setting. Then nested in between the sage green fabric napkin is a Lindt chocolate tulip treat. Inside the napkin is a carrot. Sugar eggs surround the centerpiece. The table runner and place mates are spring yellow roses and an Easter bunny. I chose light sage flower dishes this year. Also added light pastel teal goblets. Simple, but oh so pretty and refreshing. Have fun decorating your table this year.

Happy Easter to all.

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Christmas for 4

So the large family gathering just wasn't to be this year. Doesn't mean you can't have a festive table setting. This year I brought out the "Spode". Simple place settings are the best. I used my Poinsettias placemats, napkins and napkin holders as the theme. The deep ruby red candles are added as a centerpiece, surrounded by red berries, holly and gold leaves.

Then I added a few red ornament balls, nestled in the snow white soft cotton. The centerpiece white shabby chic tray was just what I wanted to pull everything together.

Two or four people can sit at my table and enjoy any meal this year.

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