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Canning is not hard to do! I'll start by saying that. Following a few easy steps and you will have mason jars filled with your special recipe to enjoy for a long time.

Pressure cooking is not hard either once you find the right pressure cooker pot and again follow the step-by-step instructions. I have put together a few videos to show how easy peezy this all can be.

canning clipart.jpg

I learned how to can from watching my mother and over the years I advanced from doing fruit to vegetables. Preserving jam or jelly was fun and since I had a huge Raspberry area, I turned those Lucious tasting berries into wonderful jam. When peach season was upon me in my neck of the woods, I canned the peaches so that I could enjoy them all year long. So, click on the links and watch how easy it is to can, jam, beans or peaches. I'll be adding more as time goes on.

canning pressuree cooker.jpg

In my Let's Jam video I show what I use to process the jam. It's a wonderful machine that does all the work for me. I have added it to my Gadgets page for you to click onto and go right to where you can purchase the jam maker.

me canning.jpg
me peaches lid tighting.jpg
my peach jam.jpg

I use a helping hand when I make my jams and jellies. Watching my video, you will see that the cooker is a must have. Check it out under Gadgets.

Sweet tasting jam that I serve on so many things throughout the year.

peaches clipart open.png
green gerrpes clipart.jpg

I grew grapes. Yes, lots and lots of them. What do you with so many grapes? Make Jelly...

In making my jelly I will say I had a lot of grapes to process. A full box full. I made 29 half quart jelly jars full of wonderful green grape jelly. I will be giving jars of jelly away as gifts.

grape jelly.jpg
dark grape jelly.jpg
darkgrapes clipart.jpg

After making the green grape jelly, I got busy and made several jars of the nice dark grape jelly. I had enough left foe some nice grape juice. Delicious and so nice to give these away as gift too.


Canning isn't hard, you just have to follow a few simple steps. Preserving food for later use is a wonderful way to save that fruit or vegetable and not have food go to waste. For this recipe start with good fresh picked peaches.

one peach.jpg
me canning peaches.jpg
me making the beans.jpg
my beans.jpg

Fresh garden green beans are the best to eat. Preserving the beans by canning them will have you going back to your pantry often to grab that jar, you made yourself. Another easy canning video showing how to can fresh vegetables in your own kitchen.

beans clipart.png
peach salsa pic.jpg

Homemade Peach Salsa is one of my all-time favorites to make. Using fresh peaches and fresh grown tomatoes is the secret to having this recipe taste so wonderful. Please watch my video to see how easy I make this and then you too will want to make it. Yummy

peaches clipart.jpg
me peach salsa.jpg
Preserved Vegetables
Mason jars
salsa me eating.jpg
1pineapple-strawberry salsa.jpg

What a quick and easy recipe for anytime of the year. This is a great snack with any kind of a chip. Putting the salsa in the cavity of the pineapple allows it to be a great centerpiece on a table filled with Summertime foods. Try this salsa, it's very good.

pineapple clipart.jpg
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