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My Greenhouse

This is my Herb Greenhouse. I grow mostly Herbs in there each year , beginning in the spring.

I use my Herbs all year long. Drying the Herbs is so easy.

Watch my video showing how I plant and then pull the Herbs to dry them.

Each year I have added a few other things besides herbs to my greenhouse, because it is so easy to plant things in a greenhouse and everything grows so well.

My bountiful harvest I take and place in a basket before taking everything to the house.

To really get you in the mood, check out my other website, where I have all kinds of gardening ideas.

I've always been an avid gardener, so it's no wonder I enjoy growing things from my own two hands. It really is relaxing and rewarding.

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Rosemary & Onions




Planter Gardening

One year after I had several surgeries I was unable to bend over to plant a garden, so I did the next best thing and that was to plant a few things in planter boxes. This allowed me to still have tomatoes, Herbs and other veggies without bending over.

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