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Grandma's had it right when they cooked a delicious sweet treat in the kitchen. I have added a few of my favorites for you to see. Just watch my fun and crazy video's on FB or Youtube.

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Fun times at making sweets for a variety of occasions.

From making my favorite Divinity, that my mother taught me to make at the age of 10, to the Holiday Fudge.

Coconut Brownies and the Bourbon Balls were a big hit at a retirement party I was asked to make and bring for a very nice lady who had spent 25 years working for the court system.

I'll be adding more sweets, but these are to get you started.

Easy peezy recipes you will want to try in your own kitchen.


My mother taught me to make Divinity at an early age. I would stand right next to her and watch her make this recipe and I continue to make the same recipe every Christmas. I add red hot candies to the top of each piece of candy. So good! Watch my video and see how it's made.

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my fudge.jpg

Every year I make the same recipe for my Holiday Fudge. It is so easy and no more old-fashioned cooking the syrup for so long and wearing your arm out stirring.

This Fudge have a delightful flavor as I use a special flavoring to add a rich taste to every bite. I hope you start your Holiday off with making this recipe to serve throughout the month.

fudge creamy.jpg
my brownies.jpg

Making these Coconut brownies was rich in flavor and well appreciated. I made them for a lady that was retiring after 25 years in the court system. I made three different treats for the party and everyone like each one. It's nice to have your hard work admired and enjoyed.

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bourban balls.jpg

This was the third recipe I made for the retirement party at the courthouse, for a gal that retired after 25 years serving the court system. These were a big hit.

Everyone filled their plates with my Coconut Brownies, the Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies, but the Bourbon Balls went fast.

kentucky bourbon.jpg
choc covered cherries.jpg

Take any strawberry and dress it up. I made these for a "Red Velvet Cake" and it made for a wonderful treat.

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