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Strawberry Pie
Unbaked Pie


What is it about a freshly made homemade pie? Well, for me it is the smell in the kitchen as you are baking the pie and knowing you made it with own two hands. 

Every pie is different, therefore in making a good pie one must start with the best pie dough. It makes all the difference in the world as far as taste. Nothing worse than having a dry dough. My homemade pies have been a favorite at most every Holiday occasion. Of course the best pies I can recall are the ones you make for just an ordinary after dinner dessert.

pie clipart.png
my choc pie.jpg

This chocolate pie filling is wonderful all on its own or in a pie crust. Homemade pie pastry makes this pie special. So tasty, you will think it is from a fancy bakery shop.

hersheys can.jpg
rhubarb pie.jpg

Growing Rhubarb is great for making all kinds of treats. I make a Rhubarb pie almost every year at Fourth of July time. Most of the time I add strawberries with the Rhubarb but having just the fresh Rhubarb in a pie is equally good. So many yummy treats to make with this sweet fruit.

rhubarb clipart.jpg
holiday pies.jpg

Oh my gosh I had so much fun making this video with my sister. We made a Pecan, Pumpkin, Apple Pie and Cinnamon Crisps. We laughed until we cried. She had to take four different time outs, but we got the pies made for Thanksgiving. It is a treasured video memory.

mockingbird blueberry pie.jpg

Mockingbird Blueberry Pie

My ceramic 1940 Mockingbird pie steam vent, I have had for many years. I pull it out and use often when I bake a Blueberry pie.

blueberries clipart.png

I took about 8 medium sized ripe plums and made this tart, using a 10-inch cast iron skillet. Yummy

ginger plum tart.jpg
plum clipart.jpg
me plum tart.jpg
apple pie.jpg
apple caramel pie.jpg
custard pie.jpg

Bing Cherry Ornament Pie

This Bing Cherry pie was a hit this last Christmas. I served it for Christmas Day. The Bing cherries were just right, not too sour and not too sweet. Decorating it with ornament cutters was so festive for the holiday spirit.

redbow clipart.jpg

Custard Pie

Easy pie to make on any cold morning. This Egg Custard Pie is a favorite for sure. Just a few simple ingredients and you will have a pie that is sure to please anyone.

Bing Cherry pie.jpg
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