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Become Your Own baker in Your own Kitchen

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Bake something Special

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Baking anything with your own two hands is pretty special. Taking flour and rubbing your hands together is almost like gardening with rich good soil.

I will be adding more areas under the Bakery and more, but we start with Breads, Muffins and Cobblers. Each with adding either flour, baking soda or baking powder. Putting your own creative spin onto any recipe is something your family or guests will admire. Let's get busy today and bake something.

As you click around and step inside any of my fun areas that I have added, you'll see all kinds of different recipes to craft ideas, using food. 

My videos are an area that you won't want to miss. Sometimes hilarious and sometimes just plain fun.

From cooking easy peezy recipes to learning a simple craft idea for your table décor or household decorating, using real food ideas.

A walk in my Garden shows my trial-and-error areas to gardening and Herb growing helpful hints.

Vintage Treasures was fun to show all my vintage finds over the years. So, begin by clicking around until you find a certain recipe or idea. I have provided many areas of interest to all cooks alike. Let's get going and bake today. It will surely make you smile.

Sourdough Star

Breads - Muffins and More

What is the best smell in a kitchen? Home baked bread of course. There are many recipes for a nice bread, biscuit, roll or turnover. I have such a sweet tooth when it comes to pastries.

I haven't even touched the surface when it comes to making really sweet and wonderful goodies.

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Sliced Bread
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This was a special muffin, as I tried to give my Dachshund, Daisy May one for her 2nd Birthday. She turned it down for a doggy treat, but the muffins were good and filled the house with lemon and spice and everything nice.

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Zucchini Bread

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Fresh Peach Cake

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My homemade Bread Pudding

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