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Kitchen Essentials

Every kitchen should have a few basic essentials. I'll be starting with showing what I have in my kitchen to get you started. Hopefully I will add several great ones that you too will say, are "Must haves" in your kitchen. So, Let's get started.

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We have come a long way from the early styles of mixers. No matter which one you have in your kitchen, they all do the same thing. Mix ingredients together for a recipe.

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Pastry Clothes

Pastry clothes are a great way to keep all the flour in one area. The pastry cloth rolling sleeves are nice to add to any rolling pin, as dough doesn't stick to the cloth.

marble rolling pin.jpeg
22vintage rolling pins set.jpg

Rolling Pins

There are all kinds of rolling pins to pick from. The first rolling pin in my kitchen when I was in my 20's was the marble one. Heavy yet durable and had a wood holding tray. Then came my vintage rollers, I have several. I have added other types of rollers throughout the years. The French roller, that is tapered on each end to decorative embossed rollers.

Whichever rolling pin catches your eye usually is the one you use in your kitchen the most.

vintage rolling pin.jpg


wood spoons.jpg
red utensils.jpg

Every kitchen has several drawers or counter containers that hold utensils. Take inventory of your household supplies. I recommend starting with a nice set of sharp knives. It is my preference to have knives that the blade goes clear to the end of the handle, It makes cutting easier. There are tons of wooden spoons and several different varieties of everyday utensil sets on the market. I'm a true believer that what you are attracted to will be your right arm assistant in the kitchen.  From vintage to very expensive utensils, it's your kitchen, so pick items you will want to use. 

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Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are an essential part of your kitchen supply. Having several different shapes and sizes are great for all the recipe ingredients.

Find a good heavy stoneware or pottery bowl for making biscuits. I recommend browsing antique shops or thrift stores. These bowl treasures you will have for many years.

mixing bowl.jpg
lg measuring cup.jpg

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups come in all forms. Having a good Pyrex large and small cup are always useful to have around. Colorful measuring cups add flavor to any kitchen decor.

small measuring cup.jpg
stack measuring cups.jpg
measuring cups tupperware.jpg
measuring spoons set.jpg

Measuring Spoons

dash measuring spoons.jpg
vintage measuring spoons.jpg

Measuring spoons are another must have in the kitchen. From round to square it doesn't matter as long as they have all the right fractions for measuring.

I have two different sets of the vintage tiny measurements, Tad, dash, pinch, smidgen and nip.

hand sifter.jpg


So many to chose from it will make your head spin, but a good sifter is necessary. I prefer the old fashioned vintage style, but any sifter will work. From sifting flour, powdered sugar or powdered baking soda, you will need a nice sifter that allows the dry ingredient to pass through the screen with ease.

sifter set.jpg

Antique Finds

My antique find was this white ceramic rooster bowl. It could be used for so many things, but I wanted it for other rolling pins and whisks. Check out my fun rooster rolling pin. I filled the bottom clear up half way with white rice to hold everything in place.

It's my great find and gift I gave myself.

my rolling pin holder white.jpg

More Essentials yet to follow:

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