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Organic Vegetables
Pumpkin Dish

This & That

Setting aside an area for "This & That" recipes to fun video's that I have put together.

Just click around and find your favorite.

Don't forget to order one of my cookbooks too!

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Meet my furbabies:

Daisy May  & CocoBean

Miniature Dachshund pups. They are the highlight of my day. Each has their own personality and yet they are the same. They love to be in the kitchen where I make all kinds of good things. One treat they like is the Fall furbaby biscuits. Easy recipe that takes no time at all to make and your pets will love them.

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Citrus Fruits

This recipe is a hit with most dogs. Either adult dogs or puppies, they like a good chewy treat. If it smells good, they will eat it. So, try my doggy biscuits, fresh and homemade from this recipe. Just click on the Furbaby Biscuit name and it will go straight to my video showing just how I made them.

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