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Cooking with Carol Dianne,
100 Video's

They say it takes a village, but in my case, it took determination.

It all started when the bad Covid virus hit the United States. When it was ordered that every household was to stay in their homes for 30 days straight. A time of confusion, fear and uncertainty. I opened my kitchen up to sharing my tried-and-true recipes that I have been making for many years. Easy yet simplified meals that anyone could make. I tried to focus on the young hearted people, The 30 to 40 years old's that had no clue what to make in a kitchen as to a meal to serve at dinner, let alone attempt to fix a holiday feast for their family. 100 videos' later, I have enjoyed making a variety of videos and will continue.

This was me making my Red Velvet Cake in celebration of Valentine's Day and my 100th video. It was and has been a joy to create videos in the comfort of my Colorado kitchen.

No matter what recipe I make, I try to have fun at it.  There are times I say weird things, use a wrong term or call something a name that isn't right, but through it all I still have managed to reach out and share something that is dear to my heart, and that is cooking.

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